Bundled extensions

FeinCMS articles uses the FeinCMS extensible architecture, and it comes with a number of built in extensions.


Please note that as of FeinCMS 1.6 you will no longer be able to use the short-form registration

If the extension requires it’s own models (like the category extension) then the app containing the models will also need to be added to your INSTALLED_APPS.

Location extension

Register: articles.extensions.location.

Requires GeoDjango.

Attaches a physical location point to each article. We recommend that you set ARTICLE_MODELADMIN_CLASS to a (subclass of) django.contrib.gis.admin.OSMGeoAdmin to get a nicer admin user interface.

Tags extension

Register: articles.extensions.tags.

Requires django-taggit.

Adds tagging to articles. Adds views to the article urls at /tags/<tag>/ to provide a list of articles by tag.

Thumbnail extension

Register: articles.extensions.thumbnail.

Adds a simple ImageField for use as an article thumbnail. Requires PIL, but you knew that already right?

Category extension

Register: articles.modules.category.extensions.category.

Requires the category module to be added to installed apps:


This is a nested category setup, that is categories can live within other categories. The extension will update the url structure of articles.urls to reflect the new structure.